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Workshops & Studio Visits
In addition to our monthly meetings at the bar, we like to get together in more intimate settings such as workshops or studio visits to experiment and learn new techniques, as well as share and critique each other's work. With our collective talents and interests the group is a rich and dynamic resource to be mined for new creative tools and inspiration.

Next Workshop/Studio Visits:
June 2004: V-Portraits Studio Visit with Alexandra Jacoby
Since September 2000, Alexandra has been capturing a glimpse of women's most private selves. She has been photographing vaginas to be compiled in a book, titled: vagina verite. The vagina portaits are close-ups and unretouched: just the elusive face of the average vagina in plain view -- not that there is such a thing as an average vagina. They are each beautiful and unique!

To learn more about the project, visit: It's the companion web site to the book -- a forum for conversation on vagina-related subjects. It's mission is to provide a comfortable environment for women to talk about their experiences, as questions, and learn about services and sources of information. Its purpose is to engender respect and appreciation for our bodies and sexuality through open discussion.

vaginaverite,com is dedicated to the value of individual experience, celebrating diversity and the beauty of all women.

Past Workshops & Studio Visits:

April 2004: Photo Transfer Workshop with Robyn Desposito
Robyn leads the group in different types of photo transfer processes with acetone, matte medium and oils. In attendance: Hilary Hayward, Nikki Johnson, Veronica Kovachi and Jen Laskey.

March 2004: Handmade Bookmaking Workshop with Jen Laskey
Jen teaches The Exhibitionists how to make handmade books with traditional Japanese bookbinding techniques. In attendance: Robyn Desposito, Dawn Derrick, Hillary Harvey, Alexandra Jacoby,Nikki Johnson, Andre Lee and Rose Merola.

September 2003: Knitting Workshop lead by Brynna Tucker
In Knitting 101 with Brynna, we learned how to knit our first hats and scarves. In attendance: Jane Kratochvil, Fay Ku, Jen Laskey, Soos Packard and Brynna Tucker.

March 2003: Bios and Artist Statements Workshop hosted by Soos Packard
A workshop to discuss and give feedback on individual work, bios and artist statements. In attendance: Emily Bicht, Robin Desposito, Fay Ku, Jen Laskey, Soos Packard, Carla Rowkes and Brynna Tucker.

January 2002: Panty Brigade lead by Traci Hoard
A photo shoot of Exhibitionists in their underthings to be used in conjunction with a collaborative group sculpture of Exhibitionist-donated panties. Sculpture on display at Body in Motion, Bedlam in Mind, Galapagos, January 2002. Participants: Photographer — Traci Hoard; Models — Jen Deaderick, Jen Glick, Nikki Johnson, Fay Ku, Jen Laskey, Deena Marcum and Brynna Tucker.

May 2001: Sculpture - Plaster Boob Casting Workshop lead by Jen Laskey
We cast our breasts with plaster to create decorative boob ornaments as an Exhibitionist self-promotional effort to be displayed in upcoming exhibitions. Boob ornaments by: Jennifer Deaderick, Nikki Johnson, Fay Ku, Jen Laskey, Heather Weathers & Stacy Wakefield.

December 2000: Sculpture - Plaster Boob Casting Workshop lead by Jen Laskey
We cast our breasts with plaster to create holiday boob ornaments as an Exhibitionist self-promotional effort. They were displayed during the The Jump Women's Festival at the Brecht Forum in January, 2001. Boob ornaments by: Caroline Carley, Sarah-Dixie Feldman, Fay Ku, Jen Laskey, Allison Ryan & Anne Wallenfang.

April 2000: Prospect Heights [Brooklyn] Painting Studio Visit hosted by Fay Ku
Introductory Studio Visit to view each other's work. This visit included a showing of Fay's paintings with additional presentations by Melissa Gorman - Painter, Suzannah Hadorn - Painter, Jen Laskey - Writer, Niomi Plotkin - Sculptor & Heather Weathers - Visual Artist.