THE EXHIBITIONISTS (women's art salon)
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Friday January 12th & Saturday 13th, 2001
Brecht Forum 122 West 27th Street, 10th Floor, NYC

The Jump Women's Festival is promoting the best of its Jump Women's Series, 2000 by featuring an eclectic cabaret of women poets, singers, musicians, writers, mimes, dancers, philosophers, comedians, tricksters and other antics united under an eccentric theme. The Jump Women's Festival was organized by Jennifer Estaris, Fay Ku, Jennifer Laskey & Jane LeCroy (

The Exhibitionists contribution to the Jump Women's Festival included:
Jennifer Laskey reading "Trastevere in 7 Parts: Observations of a Roman Neighborhood"
Jennifer Deaderick reading "Swooning: An Exploration of Our Passionate Physical Reactions"

Visual Art Slide Show with:
Hillary Hoffman-Harvey, Heather Weathers, Christa Toole, Nikki Johnson & Fay Ku
Heather Weathers' Butt Prints - paper & water-based Speedball ink
Plaster Boob Ornaments - plaster casts of Exhibitionist breasts & mixed media

"Conversation Pieces" - Interactive performance art exploring the improvisation of conversation:
Jennifer Laskey: "What turns you on?" & "Tell me about your dreams"
Fay Ku: "What do you do when you're alone" & "Tell me about your childhood"
Jennifer Deaderick: "What do you fear?" & "What makes you cry?"
Anne Wallenfang: "What gives you joy?" & "Give me your advice"
Heather Weathers: "What is ecstasy?" & "How do you find happiness?"
Nikki Johnson: "What tempts you?"
Sarah-Dixie Feldman: & "What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?"

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