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Past Meetings & Discussions:

December 2003: Are we US, Are we them
There's a new project by that seeks to investigate the "us vs. them" mentality that has appeared during times of tension since the September 11th attacks. How does your identity fit into this mentality? How does this mentality affect what you are fearful of or what kinds of situtations you find hard to tolerate, but still tolerate out of a sense of societal obligation? Has your art changed or evolved in ways that directly relate to the current world climate?

November 2003: Violence and its Portrayal in the Art World
Is there a difference in the ways male and female artists portray violence, either implied or suggested, in our art world? Is it that men are more biologically aggressive, and therefore, they direct violence onto others? Women, on the contrary, are presumably more passive and they seem to turn violence on themselves? Consider the impact of Happenings, as well as the work of such artists as Yoko Ono, Orlan, Sophie Calle and Chris Burton.

October 2003: Free Discussion
Whatever comes to mind, gals.

September 2003: Artistic Theft vs. Influence
How do we use influences? Do we appropriate influence in our work or reject it? It seems that in some art forms, particularly in visual arts and perhaps even more so in music, incorporating other influences into a personal style is like paying homage. Whereas, in literature, if the influence is too obvious itÕs criticized or considered "derivative." Somehow a writer is expected to kill her influences (as in killing Hemingway or killing Carver) and invent a style that is totally fresh. Certainly, there are varying degrees of acceptability in each medium, but where do we draw the line between influence and theft, and why is it regarded differently among the art forms?

August 2003: Exquisite Post-show Critique
Post-show critique of the 12 participating artists in the Exquisite show at Naked Duck Gallery.

July 2003: Naked Duck Planning Meeting
Planning and executing of upcoming Exquisite show. Pre-show critique.

June 2003: Shame
Have you ever done anything shameful? It seems there are two faces of shame. One is the individualized experience of having committed some act that is truly disgraceful to one's self. The other is caused by the humiliation of having broken a social taboo. Shame is often associated with guilt, yet it is more difficult to talk about, or even to admit. Why is it that shame has this effect on us? How can we accurately depict shame in our art when it is possibly the most difficult emotion to articulate?

May 2003: Why Aren't There Any Great Women Artists?
Description Forthcoming...

April 2003: Procreation and Postcreation
We're interested to discuss the act of creation and its many interpretations with the possibility of contributing to Womanifesto 2003, a collection and compilation of texts and images on this theme. All cultures have their own ideas about fertility and infertility. This includes issues regarding conceiving and not conceiving, delivering and raising, and giving and getting both procreation and postcreation help and advice, as well as issues of surrogacy, genetic engineering, sex determining and feticide. By exploring the myths and realities surrounding creation, we can come to understand how they have influenced the thinking of societies in the past and present, and how they may continue to do so in the future. We should consider creation as a subject in local sayings and beliefs, medical facts, advice, taboos, recipes, lullabies and the arts. Additionally, think about your role as a woman artist and how the notion of procreation and postcreation affects your life and work.

March 2003: New Member Meet & Greet
Welcome new members to The Exhibitionists.

February 2003: Welcome Back
2003 Exhibitionists update and planning meeting.

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