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Past Meetings & Discussions:

December 2002 - January 2003: VACATION
The Exhibitionists go on vacation.

November 2002: Beautiful and Terrible
Brainstorming and administrative meeting for upcoming show at Southpaw.

October 2002: Art Inspired by Travel
The quest for artistic enlightenment, hunger for the historical, exposure to other cultures, relaxation and regeneration are all reasons why we choose to travel. The act of travel provides its own inducements to creativity. How does travel feed your work? Do you use it literally as a subject and record places through photographs, films, sketches or writing? Do you work from the memory of a place or a trip after you've returned? Or do you deal with it abstractly and use the experience to see your own work, or life, with a fresh vision? Let's talk about our own travel experiences and the work we've created from them and try to bring at least one artist, writer, musician (or other) to the table who uses travel as a mode of inspiration for his/her work. Examples of your own work or others are welcome.

September 2002: Female Adolescence in the Art World
Art critic and novelist A.M. Homes was quoted in this month's issue of Vogue as saying, "Women are a hot commodity now, so they're making work about things they're interested in without worrying what men will think of it. And that means playing with all these ideas of what it means to be a girl." Do you think this is an accurate statement? Does your girlhood make its way into your art? What does it mean to be a girl? What is the pop-cultural impact of addressing girls' issues in art? Artists to consider: Amy Cutler, Marlene McCarty, Rita Ackermann, Nicky Hoberman, Lisa Yuskavage, Kim Dingle, Justine Kurland, Anna Gaskell, Dana Hoey, Deborah Mesa-Pelly and Hellen van Meene.

August 2002: The Nude in Art and Life
Does a nude subject make the art more compelling? How does nudity enhance or detract from performance? Is it valid sometimes for people to just be naked or is nudity incidental? As contemporary women artists and performers, how do you feel about being naked as a subject of art as opposed to viewing someone else? What are your own issues with nudity and the idea of exposing yourself in the world? Artists to consider: Tracey Emin, Karen Finley, Kiki Smith, Mappelthorpe, Jenny Seville, Lisa Yuskavage, Karen Kilimnik, Sally Mann, Lucian Freud, Dinos & Jake Chapman, Spencer Tunick.

July 2002: Shock Art
What is shock art? Does the artist have to transcend the shock quality in order for a piece of work to be art? Or does the artist's ability to shock qualify as art by itself? For instance, is it art if it illicits a response, any kind of response? Or is it not art regardless of how beautifully it's presented? What about if it offends a particular group? What taboos can't be transcended in art? Shock artists to consider: Karen Finley, Diamanda Galas, Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley, Matthew Barney, GG Allin, Marilyn Manson.

June 2002: The Socialization of Artists
According to the Eva Hesse Book by Lucy Lippard, in Hesse's Diary, someone asked her why she wanted so badly to be an artist, why couldn't she just be a pretty wife. She then wrote in her diary "Do I have the right of womanliness? Can it coincide with my artistic career?" Brynna Tucker says it struck her because she is always worried about how her work has changed based on her social surroundings and the depth of her relationships (both romantic and platonic). Brynna asks, how do your relationships change the way you work? Does sexual tension intensify your artistic drive? Where do your sexual tensions get resolved? Does your intensity deplete when you get laid? (sorry if that is crass, it just sounded good - BT) How do you balance (or integrate) your relationships and social life with your studio practice/creative work time?

May 2002: The Power of Refusal
Are boycotts (or rejections of some sort) necessary to change the current system? Artist Lee Lozano not only rejected the New York art scene in the 1970s by moving to Texas, but she also stopped talking to WOMEN altogether (even in grocery stores!). What, if anything, did she accomplish with this act? Is rejection only effective when executed by the masses? Or, do you have to join "them" to beat "them"?

April 2002: The Exhibitionists' 2nd Birthday!
Join us in celebrating The Exhibitionists' 2nd year together. We'll meet for sushi and discuss our accomplishments, our expectations and all the stuff we've been working on.

March 2002: National Identity & Personal Identity
How much of a role does your national identity play in your personal identity? Discussion could focus on current events, as well as artists, writers, musicians, actors, etc., from past & present whose work focused/es on their national identity, are anti-national, who have been or are expatriates or live in exile from their countries.

February 2002: Re-cap of Body/Bedlam Show & Goals for the New Year

January 2002: Prep for Body/Bedlam Show
Happy New Year! Let's start it off with a big bang of a bash, shall we ladies? This meeting will cover administration, discussion, scheduling, delegation and confirmation of contributing artists for the upcoming show at Galapagos. Stimulating, no?

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