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In addition to our independent endeavors, The Exhibitionists collaborate with other artists (women & guys), arts organizations and venues. If you're interested in becoming an affiliate or sponsor, please email us. If you'd like to receive email about Exhibitionist-related events, let us know. We'll keep you posted!



Jump Arts, Inc.
Jump Arts is a non-profit organization started by Tom Abbs in 1998. The collective is dedicated to creating opportunities for revolutionary artists of different generations, backgrounds and experiences. Through festivals and other events, Jump showcases some of the most forward-reaching artists in New York City. Jump is committed to the advancement of arts education through providing free and low-cost workshops and classes for New York City children. Jump strives to address "quality of life" issues for all artists in their work and living environments. All programs are publicly supported through gifts, grants and contributions.

Jump Arts was voted "Best Arts Collective" by New York Press, "Best of Manhattan 2000"

The Exhibitionist Connection:
Jump Women's Series & Obscure Holiday Series, August - December, 2000
The Jump Women's Festival, January 2001

For more information on Jump Arts, email Tom Abbs

HYYPE Media & Audio Venus
HYYPE Media represents Audio Venus, a national grass-roots network of female artists and organizations uniting to create industry showcase and networking opportunities for women in various cities. HYYPE Media and Audio Venus present nationwide festivals that promote musicians, performance, digital media and visual artists.

HYYPE Media and Audio Venus have gathered the foremost pro-women in music and media organizations in the U.S. to support emerging and established artists. Supporters such as,, Women in Music Inc.,,,,,,, and The Exhibitionists lend their name, media & industry connections and promotional hand in every event in every city.

The Exhibitionist Connection:
Audio Venus Women in Music & Media - October 2000
The Devil's Ball - March 2001

For more information on HYYPE Media or Audio Venus, email Eric Ferrara

Without Papers Productions
WPp is an independent production company born out of the collaborative work of Luigi Di Crasto and Santino Di Renzo, dedicated to the making of motion pictures with quality content and limited budget. In 2005, the WPp team completed work on their video documentary, The Exhibitionists Are, which features 16 members of The Exhibitionists, and focuses on their experiences and struggles with being visual artists, writers and performers in New York City.

WPp is interested in arts-related, socio-economic, and environmental themes. The Exhibitionists Are is their most recent finished project.

The Exhibitionists Connection
The Exhibitionists Are
video documentary screening series, May 2005
Additional screenings to be announced soon...

For more information on WPp, email Santino Di Renzo


The Exhibitionists sincerely welcome your support! We are currently seeking appointments with galleries, performance spaces, cafes, bars and other venues for upcoming exhibitions, installations, performances and events. We're looking to build new relationships with other arts organizations. And finally, we welcome financial support in the form of tax deductible donations.

Please email us regarding specific sponsorship opportunities.


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