THE EXHIBITIONISTS (women's art salon)
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who's an exhibitionist?


Artist Statement
My work digs into the internal depths of man, winding within the layers of skin, to the marrow of the bones, into the heart and deeper to the texture of the molecules. It is the pieces and bits of materials reflecting life I crave. I want to turn the paintings inside out revealing their “guts” for you to reach in dig about and contemplate their process.  

I use diverse, often untraditional materials from; paint, steel, guitar strings, coconut fiber, cheesecloth, barbed wire to linen, glass, papers, shell, bone and wax. Using techniques such as glazing, collage and salvaging I combine disparate materials without loosing site of the original properties of each medium - Cracks in glass maintain both the energy of the act while referring to organic lines within skin or rock, sticks and wires translate as circulatory veins, roots within the body. My paintings reflect the intimate language of life, grotesque, harsh, fragile and beautiful

Evidence Of A Previous Journey