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Alexandra Jacoby is a self-taught painter and photographer. She holds two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in English Literature and one in Psychology. She grew up in Jericho, Long Island, and has been living in NYC since 1990. She has exhibited her paintings and photographs in galleries and alternative spaces NYC. Her catalogue of paintings can be seen at

vagina vérité has been her primary artistic and personal focus for the last four years. The v-portraits will be compiled in a book (48 v-portraits so far). Between exhibitions, Jacoby has the portraits installed in her living room and welcomes viewers.

Artist Statements

vagina vérité
, a series of vulva portraits, reveals the rarely seen faces of vaginas, proud receivers and creators.

Standing together, unabashed, unaltered, these portraits of women's most private selves challenge the concept of power as domination and provide a forum for conversation where every woman is included, enfolded, safe.

For more on vagina vérité, check out, an unabashed exploration of the plain, ordinary, mysterious matter of vaginas.

the paintings identify the parity between animate and inanimate matter. Bodies, buildings and air have interchangeable parts, indicating a fundamental, jello-like association of everything material.

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