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Body in Motion, Bedlam in Mind
January 19 - February 9, 2002
Opening Night Celebration with Performances on January 19th, 2002 @ 7:30pm
Visual Arts Installations will remain through February 9, 2002
Galapagos @ 70 N. 6th Street b/w Wythe & Kent, Williamsburg [Brooklyn]

The Exhibitionists revealed their thoughts on sex, sexuality and relationships in Body in Motion, Bedlam in Mind. Opening night performances and celebration kicked off the 3-week exhibition on Saturday January 19th, 7:30pm and then went on through the early morning of the next day.

Here are images from the night :
 Photo gallery 1
 Photo gallery 2
(Photo gallery shots by Santino Di Renzo and Jane Kratochvil)

Body in Motion, Bedlam in Mind highlighted both individual and collaborative works by The Exhibitionists and exploited the Galapagos art space with sculpture, painting, photography and other burlesque-style temptations.

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Readings: Jennifer Deaderick, Sarah Feldman, Jen Laskey, Dana Rasso
Performance: Laura Blereau, Michele Carlo, Jennifer Deaderick, Jennifer Glick, Fay Ku, Jen Laskey, Kathy McGaffigan, Dana Rasso
Dance: Jen Abrams, Jennifer Kjos, Marija Krotolica, Deena Marcum, Cynthia Schmae, Stephanie York
Music: Elizabeth and the Hot & Silver Trio, Sonja Markovics, Haena Kim Trio, Florence Love Yoo Band
Spinning: Jennova.Synthesis & Karla Calderon
Painting/Drawings: SallyAnn Carstensen, Audra Haskell, Fay Ku, Mary Brigitte McNeil, Jessi Phillips, Christa Toole
Photography: Hillary Harvey, Traci Hoard, Nikki Johnson
Sculpture/Installation: Audra Haskell, Jen Laskey, Millette Tapiador, Brynna Tucker, Heather Weathers


"Conversation Pieces" - interactive performance art piece
"Boob Ornaments" - plaster, mixed media
"Panty Brigade" - installation
"Kissing Booth" - interactive performance art
"Body in Motion, Bedlam in Mind Journal" - handmade book, mixed media

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SallyAnn Carstensen

Nikki Johnson

Monica Smith

Brynna Tucker

Millette Tapiador