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October 16th - November 3rd, 2004
Opening Night: Saturday, October 16th, 6-9pm
Gallery Hours: Monday through Saturday, 12-6pm and by appointment
Tribes Gallery @ 285 East 3rd Street (b/w Avenues C & D), Manhattan

Threat \'thret\ n 1 : an expression of intention to inflict evil, injury, or damage 2 : one that threatens; menace 3 : an indication of something pending

The word "threat" can be construed in various ways. Ten New York City-based artists explore its meanings through social, political, environmental and sexual themes. Each artist draws the viewer in as they play passive and aggressive roles through their works.

Emily Bicht's paintings use the iconic housewife as muse while raising questions about social belief and personal identity. Robyn Desposito's Anger Management captures the midst of emotional turmoil and incorporates dated advice to comment on societal expectations. Hillary Harvey puts herself in the position of stalker and victim with her Stalker Picture Series. In vagina vérité, Alexandra Jacoby's unabashed vulva portraits challenge the concept of power as domination. Amy Tamayo and Nikki Johnson use photography to bring the viewer uncomfortably close to sexually dominant situations; while Amy depicts a combination of love, pain and passion, Nikki, uses the grittiness of New York City to seek out the "taboo" subjects of her work. Common objects are enlarged and abstracted in Christa Toole's paintings forcing viewers to reexamine what they are seeing. Brynna Tucker uses hair, an ingredient used in religious folklore, as a tool to harness her distaste for it unattached to the human body. Heather Weathers addresses stereotypes and taboos about women's bodies by using herself, menstrual blood and domestic materials. Jen Laskey explores the carnivalesque and dark undertones of humanity in her novel Fire Eater, in which two siblings must deal with the aftermath of an arson/murder that has claimed the life of their best friend.

Painting: Emily Bicht, Robyn Desposito, Christa Toole, Heather Weathers
Photography: Hillary Harvey, Alexandra Jacoby, Nikki Johnson, Amy Tamayo
Installation: Brynna Tucker, Jen Laskey

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