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July 11 - August 22, 2003
Opening Night Celebration with Performances on July 11th, 2003 @ 7:30pm
Visual Arts Installations will remain through August 22nd, 2003
Naked Duck Gallery Hours: Weekends 12 noon - 5pm
Naked Duck Gallery @ 66 Jackson Street (X-street: Lorimer), Williamsburg [Brooklyn]


The Exhibitionists Women's Art Salon presents Exquisite: An Experiment in Collaborative Curating for their upcoming group exhibition at the Naked Duck Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Twelve members of the Exhibitionists will spend several weeks creating and assembling artworks that develop connections among women artists who work in different ways. The artists will divide Naked Duck's space among themselves to present their work. The spaces will be given at random and each artist must assess and incorporate elements from the work created by the other artists' surrounding them. The project will evoke a literal dialogue among the artists, and result in an organic, communal show. The final culmination will include painting, photography, sculpture, installation, digital media, writing and performance.

Reminiscent of the Surrealists' cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse) process — a process that led to strange, unpredictable, sometimes grotesque results — Exquisite connects the divergent voices and styles of twelve artists, writers and performers. The featured Exhibitionists will link arbitrary creative elements, not by connecting lines from the previous participant, but by applying the same instinct to the curatorial process and the collaborative nature of the group show. The results of this experimental exhibition will be as unpredictable as the drawings and poems made by the Surrealists.


Emily Bicht explores 1950s design and culture by examining housewifery, antique etiquette, housekeeping guides and pin-up girls. Primarily a painter, Bicht sometimes pulls in housewife paraphernalia as her canvas.

Jen Deaderick explores personal relationships through comedy, satire and role playing. Generally known for her work as a performer and writer, Deaderick now delves into the visual art realm to explore her relationship to other women artists.

Robyn Desposito uses painting as a way to explore emotions, psychology, and identity. In order to connect herself to the artists working around her, Desposito will experiment with using her neighboring artists as her subject for the works in the exhibition.

Hillary Harvey will be creating new works as part of her Stalker Pictures Series. The works consist of black and white self-portraits and will also include images of the artists working around her.

Nikki Johnson's work forces us to examine the gritty elements of New York City nightlife. She finds beauty in controversial, ironic or taboo subjects and puts us uncomfortably close to their most intimate details.

Fay Ku paints carefully calculated social situations to explore body language and personal interactions. Though her favorite compositional setting is a bar or party, her work also looks into the intimate details of childhood, bedroom activity and her body.

Jen Laskey uses collage, mixed media, performance and writing to explore extraordinary relationships and situations. Her work is often bright, chaotic and fantastic with lurking dark undertones. This stems from her interest in the traditions of Carnival.

Ann B. Murphy creates sculptures that apply a sense of humor and brutal honesty to sexual encounters, specifically those in which alcohol is involved. Her work pokes fun at what society accepts as normal.

Soos Packard creates humanoid plaster, wire, and gauze sculptures that share both primitive and futuristic qualities. Traveling around the world working as a fashion model has influenced these human forms with exaggerated proportions and elongated limbs.

Amy Tamayo creates work that depicts a combination of love, pain and passion. She uses photographs, drawings and collage to explore these uncomfortable and beautiful combinations.

Christa Toole depicts enlarged and abstracted common objects that force the viewer to reexamine and reevaluate what they are seeing. This method transforms the original subject into an abstract or contrary image.

Brynna Tucker's work converges on-site. Her installations are created out of objects and/or materials that are assembled in reaction to the space. Her work is created to augment the architecture and structural details.

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The Exhibitionists are New York City-based women artists, performers, writers, and art enthusiasts. We collaborate among ourselves, with friends and with other affiliates to produce performances and installations that satisfy our artistic visions, push the limits of our creative abilities, provide an environment for experimentation and engage audiences with our work.

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