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The Exhibitionists Are PRESS RELEASE
Sept. 24th - Oct. 16th, 2005
The Exhibitionists Are
A video documentary by Luigi Di Crasto and Santino Di Renzo
Opening Reception & Screening: Saturday, Sept. 24th, from 5-6 & 7-8pm
Gallery hours: Sundays 1- 5 pm
RSVP to art@nakedduckgallery.com by Saturday, Sept.17th
Naked Duck Gallery @ 66 Jackson Street (x-street: Lorimer), Williamsburg, Brooklyn


The Naked Duck Gallery presents THE EXHIBITIONISTS ARE, a video documentary in which Santino Di Renzo and Luigi Di Crasto follow sixteen members of The Exhibitionists Women’s Art Salon as they bare their artistic selves to the scrutinizing eyes of the New York City art world.   

No artistic creation is born without intensive labor. From the time it is conceived, an artwork must be nurtured until it is fully formed and released into the world. And even then, the artist must help it make its way by seeking out means of exposure, participating in a dialogue with other artists, curators and critics, and contributing to the greater concentration of the arts – all this in spite of the challenges that artists face today, including lack of funding, time, and often, space. This is what the women of the Exhibitionists demonstrate and what two filmmakers reveal in THE EXHIBITIONISTS ARE, shown proudly this fall on The Naked Duck Gallery’s newly constructed film and video screen.

Luigi Di Crasto and Santino Di Renzo of WØP Productions began filming The Exhibitionists during their six-week collaboration for the 2003 Exquisite show at Naked Duck Gallery.  The filmmakers followed the collaboration process, filmed the opening night of the show, and subsequently interviewed the multitalented members over the course of two years.   

Through their divergent voices and styles, we see the Exhibitionists work together as independent artists to unite the visual, written and performing arts, hosting monthly salons in pursuit of fresh discourse. With photos, slides, and footage from thirty hours of material, the filmmakers tell the captivating story of challenge and creation: the inspiring and messy reality of being an artist.  

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The Exhibitionists are New York City-based women artists, performers, writers, and art enthusiasts. We collaborate among ourselves, with friends and with other affiliates to produce performances and installations that satisfy our artistic visions, push the limits of our creative abilities, provide an environment for experimentation and engage audiences with our work.